FAQs: Equipment

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use Nikon digital equipment and Hasselblad film equipment. Digital editing is performed using a high-end computer workstation and Photoshop CS5.

Do you shoot digital or film? Do you shoot black and white, color or both?

We shoot both digital or film with digital being the default format. If you would like film, just let us know! With digital, you can have black and white or color, however there are some drawbacks. A monochromatic digital image does not have the same contrast and feel of a black and white print made from film. If shooting film, it is a good idea to shoot whatever matches the situation. We can discuss what you would like and weigh all the options.

What backgrounds do you use?

We own many backgrounds and have the ability to order or rent backgrounds. Many clients have specific requirements for backgrounds.  Please provide us with your requirements and we will make sure that we have what is needed for the shoot.