FAQs: Photographic Post Processing

Who prints my photographs?

Memories Thru Megapixels utilizes a third-party fulfillment partner using a fully color managed workflow to ensure the highest quality photograph. 

What paper finishes are available?

Typically customers like glossy, soft glossy or satin/matte paper finishes. However other specialty paper finishes are available such as canvas. Please let us know if you are interested in using a specialty paper.

Do you retouch photographs?

Photographs resulting from Memories Thru Megapixels photo shoots will be retouched if necessary as part of the post production work. Digital image editing (i.e. collages, etc…) and photo restoration services are also available.

Can I just get a CD with the images after the shoot?

While it certainly is possible to provide you with a CD of your images after the session, that is completing only half of the job. Without a review to assess the need for any post production work and the completion of that work, the images may not be a good as they could be. After the shoot, there are still many hours of work to complete the job and deliver the final product. During the printing process, we are still making adjustments to ensure you have the best possible product. 

Can I just get electronic/digital images?

Absolutely!  We can supply various resolutions of electronic images to support display on the web, within emails and print uses.