I grew up in central New Jersey and began taking pictures at a young age. My earliest memories are of learning to shoot, develop and print my own B&W photographs while at summer camp. While those earliest images are long gone, my interest in photography endured. As the years passed, my interest in photography grew and I used money from summer jobs to purchase my first SLR, a Minolta XG-9.

A neighbor who owned an advertising agency in New York City was very supportive and nurtured my interest in photography. As a freshman in high school, it was through him that I received my first paying job as a photographer. The satisfaction of seeing one of my photographs in an advertising campaign and knowing that thousands of people would see it made quite an impression on me.

Throughout high school, I shot for the yearbook and was the photography editor during my junior and senior year. The professional photography studio we worked with for the senior portraits provided me with a great opportunity to learn how professionals create outstanding photographs through technique and lighting. My relationship with the studio grew and turned out to be a mutually beneficial experience. So much so, that during my senior year in high school the owner wanted to hire me full-time to teach me to run the business and take it over when he retired. Alas, my interest in math and science won out and I headed off to college instead.

During my college years, I continued indulging my interest in photography. I shot for the yearbook and newspaper that provided opportunities to learn more about the production side of photography for a weekly publication. It also provided me with access to a darkroom that enabled me to increase my knowledge about developing and printing photographs. After four years of shooting and weekly sessions in the darkroom, I became totally comfortable with the entire photographic process. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering, it was time to head out into the "real world".

I spent over 20 years working in R&D for a major high technology company designing print heads for digital color printers. My interest in photography continued over these years and the nature of the work I was doing allowed me to develop my capabilities in color science, digital image processing, and printing. With the rapid advancements in digital cameras, I augmented my film-based cameras with a Nikon D100 and a D2X SLR. However, the opportunity I missed in high school - to own a photography business - has stuck with me over the years.

My passion for photography has been fed during every major phase of my life. My film-based photographic experiences as a child and the digital imaging experiences as an adult compliment each other quite nicely. As a result, I have established a solid photographic foundation that allows me to embark on the next major phase of my life with the launching of my photography business.

I look forward to working with you!

Best Regards, Scott