Services: Photographic Instruction

InstructionFor customers interested in learning more about digital photography, Memories Thru Megapixels offers individual and group instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced photographers.

Individual instruction and subject matter covered is based on the client's needs and current skill level. We have assisted our clients with determining what equipment they should invest in (camera, lenses, printers, etc...), using their "point and shoot" or SLR camera and creating the perfect photograph.

For groups (5 individuals +) interested in learning more about digital photography, classroom-based or location-based instruction is offered. A broad range of content modules are available that are assembled to meet the needs of the audience such as:

  • Digital Imaging Fundamentals: Image capture, editing, and printing
  • Advanced Image Capture: Color theory and color spaces, impact of shooting raw vs. JPG
  • Advanced Image Editing: Adjusting white balance, exposure and contrast; retouching techniques; image scaling and sharpening
  • Advanced Printing Techniques: Relationship between resolution and print size; achieving consistent color; achieving optimal tonal range

Many clients or groups enjoy learning through photo excursions. San Diego County offers many beautiful shooting locations for individual excursions. For larger groups (5 individuals +), arrangements can be made to travel to locations throughout the United States.

Memories Thru Megapixels will quote the services required for photographic instruction based on your needs. Upon your acceptance of the quote, Memories Thru Megapixels requires that photographic instruction sessions are secured with a full payment to reserve your appointment date and time. This is the charge for the professional services of the photographer.

We understand that sometimes plans need to change. Therefore, photographic instruction payments will be refunded 100% if the session is cancelled at least 14 days prior to the session date. No refund will be given for sessions cancelled 13 days or less prior to the session date. However the fee will be held so that it can be applied to a rescheduled session.